Giddy as a Schoolgirl

This will be long, so if you’re ready for this rollercoaster, I appreciate you and keep reading. You won’t regret it.

If you were just turned off by that, fuck you too. I worked hard on this and procrastinated doing my school work just for you.


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I’m deleting Tinder and cancelling a date that I had scheduled for this Friday…why?

There’s this guy…

Honestly, I got lucky with this one. I got a little “left swipe” happy one day because all the pictures were so serious and I was kind of bored with those guys. All the conversations were so identical and bleh. I wanted umph!

I almost swiped left when I noticed this guy was casually sitting in a suit on a yellow couch, screaming. Okay. I swiped right. Guess what? It was matched.

So he texted me and we started talking. It was great and he was funny and we got on so well…over text. We decided to meet in person over coffee.

I wasn’t nervous about it this time. Honestly, I’d been through it before so I knew what to expect and I saved a few questions to ask him face to face just in case it got awkward. He was adorable saying how he was really nervous and hoping he wouldn’t choke or anything. I reassured him saying that there would most likely be five awkward silences so getting coffee was good because when those moments occurred, we could pretend it wasn’t awkward by sipping our coffee.

I don’t think that helped him much haha!

Anyways, he tried to play it cool, but he when he looked at the menu he must’ve felt overwhelmed because he said, “I’m pretending to know what these coffees are, but I have no clue.”

I laughed and said, “No it’s okay! I usually just get gas station coffee so I really don’t know what any of this is either.”

“So is it cool to assume that you’re okay with not getting coffee then?”

“Yes, definitely… I actually wouldn’t mind walking because it’s a beautiful day, and I really want to be outside?”

He shrugged and smiled, “If you’re okay with that?”

“I trust you?” I laughed and off to a long walk we went!

He and I talked about everything from our lives, families, the campus, experiences, politics, and just random stuff. Before we knew it, two hours had passed of us just walking and talking. Then suddenly, I looked ahead and saw the football stadium.

I got an idea and stopped mid-step, “Do you want to break into the football field?”

Without hesitation he said, “Okay.”

I was surprised and stared blankly for a second. “Wait, what?”

“Yeah, let’s do it,” and off he went.

So we tried but someone called the cops and we were scared off by a tinted vehicle. He was very chill and I was spastic, but our conversations…. WOW!

So that was my night. We spoke nonstop for three-ish hours and kept trying to get me to join him for dinner but I didn’t. He was so funny and his smile! He said it didn’t feel like walking and talking and that he had a very wonderful time! I just…

I’m a stupid giggly mess right now! We’re texting and have a date for Sunday! (which is awkwardly my birthday so he gets to meet my friends….whoop!)

BUT HE WANTS TO MEET MY FRIENDS! Like I told him it would be completely cool if he didn’t and just rescheduled but he was like, “Do you mind if I meet them?”


So I’m just giddy and excited and I’ll keep you updated because I feel like this could be really fun.


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